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The current layout features an image of Cottontail Teemo, one of Teemo's alternate skins. The layout uses the font Cheri Liney. The members list is powered by Enthusiast.

The fanlisting name comes from Teemo's "second passive," global taunt. This is basically a joke in the League of Legends community. Teemo is hated by a good number of LoL players for being annoying to play against: he has a DoT, a blind, a speed boost, and most importantly invisible mushrooms that slow and poison, and which can earn him kills even if he's dead. Additionally, he is super adorable with a large number of cute skins, and he is naturally squishy. Consequentially, when the enemy team sees Teemo, or when they run into his mushrooms, the joke is that they are overcome with rage and can't fight the urge to chase, focus, and kill Teemo, no matter where they are on the map, even if that's not the wisest decision - in other words, they cannot resist his "global taunt." (Riot members have even joked that Teemo's global taunt is "boosted" by the Cottontail Teemo skin.)

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